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The Teesta River Dispute: Geopolitics, Myth and Economics.

For all interested in rivers, legends, water and food security & South Asia- my paper for the Observer Research Foundation on the Teesta river dispute. I travelled down the river from Sikkim to the Bangladesh border at the end 2011 after the agreement between India and Bangladesh on water sharing fell by the wayside of politics. The river has fired my imagination ever since. It is young and spirited in Sikkim, wants to be taken seriously in North Bengal – until Jalpaiguri, after which it ages – and is weighed down either by heavy rain in the monsoon or its heavy, silt laden riverbed in the dry season. Throughout though, within its waters, the Teesta retains mystery, legend and the promise of bounty. Here I argue that as passionate as we may be about our rivers, as an upper riparian state we need to share. Read Here

While the video is a glimpse of the documentary ‘Teesta Sutra’ filmed in Sikkim and North Bengal, in November, 2011. Watch here for the entire film

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