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26/11 and the Media: Where were the Protocols?

Walking down the Colaba Causeway, past the renovated face of Cafe Leopold, in the shadow of the iconic Taj Mahal, or in Kalaghoda, abutting the Jewish Chabad house where scars of violence have been swallowed up by the cracks in its decaying walls, it takes a minute to remember the bloodshed and mayhem let loose… Continue reading 26/11 and the Media: Where were the Protocols?

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CVE: Lessons for India

Have spent the last few months learning about, understanding and critiquing policies that focus on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE in policy jargon)- in order to look at what India can do. This report- a result of all the studying- emphasises the need to go beyond law enforcement-based approaches to terror and extremist violence, and recommends… Continue reading CVE: Lessons for India

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The Clash of Civilizations-revisited.

At the end of the Cold War, political scientist Samuel Huntington who taught at Harvard University created a hypothesis. As the break up of the Soviet Union resulted in ethnic conflicts – across Central Asia and Eastern Europe most government officials and foreign policy analysts used his Clash of Civilizations as a prescient bible –… Continue reading The Clash of Civilizations-revisited.

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Blog From Iran: PM Modi Cinches Game-Changer Deal On Chabahar Port

The collaboration on Chabahar, on Iran’s southern coast, was first agreed on 13 years ago. But sanctions over Iran’s nuclear programme, lifted only recently, meant a long wait for India to get what it needs – a foothold in Iran and much easier access to central Asia and Afghanistan. Read my report from Tehran here… Continue reading Blog From Iran: PM Modi Cinches Game-Changer Deal On Chabahar Port