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CVE: Lessons for India

Have spent the last few months learning about, understanding and critiquing policies that focus on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE in policy jargon)- in order to look at what India can do. This report- a result of all the studying- emphasises the need to go beyond law enforcement-based approaches to terror and extremist violence, and recommends… Continue reading CVE: Lessons for India

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The Clash of Civilizations-revisited.

At the end of the Cold War, political scientist Samuel Huntington who taught at Harvard University created a hypothesis. As the break up of the Soviet Union resulted in ethnic conflicts – across Central Asia and Eastern Europe most government officials and foreign policy analysts used his Clash of Civilizations as a prescient bible –… Continue reading The Clash of Civilizations-revisited.

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Blog From Iran: PM Modi Cinches Game-Changer Deal On Chabahar Port

The collaboration on Chabahar, on Iran’s southern coast, was first agreed on 13 years ago. But sanctions over Iran’s nuclear programme, lifted only recently, meant a long wait for India to get what it needs – a foothold in Iran and much easier access to central Asia and Afghanistan. Read my report from Tehran here… Continue reading Blog From Iran: PM Modi Cinches Game-Changer Deal On Chabahar Port