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Silent River (Or Whose Side are you On? Written November, 2016)

A mother sings a lullaby. In the moonlight stars sparkle over the Jhelum. A father walks outside to lock the gate. And looks across the bund on to the silent river, black as night. Footsteps in the dark Stomp, crush Tar and leaves Dry as paper. Where are they headed? He wonders and hurries back… Continue reading Silent River (Or Whose Side are you On? Written November, 2016)

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My Name is Honour

Watch my documentary: My Name is Honour Not far off the highway, less than 100 kilometers from the nation’s capital, the districts of Western Uttar Pradesh seem to have become synonymous with violence based on caste, religion or gender. The constitutional guarantee of a fundamental right to life is challenged every day by notions of honor. But what is this notion… Continue reading My Name is Honour

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God’s Own Election. Kerala, May 2016.

Corruption, scams and tainted ministers in the Congress-led UDF, rampant infighting in the CPM-led LDF. Will the BJP be able to tap in to an electorate tired of Kerala’s limited political choices and open their account in the upcoming polls? Are fears of religious polarization in a state known for its communal harmony real or… Continue reading God’s Own Election. Kerala, May 2016.